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A spirited international wheelchair basketball community provides lots of support for hundreds of men and women mobilized for action.

Hang-gliding is catching on as wheelers get out of the chair and into the air . . .

'Brutally competitive' hardly seems adequate to describe wheelchair hockey. As in quad rugby, the repair shops see lots of action after the game.

Tennis is expanding its reach,
and new three-wheeled chairs
are the rage.

Off road
mountain chairs
are a downhill success
with hardy types.

Watersports are growing in popularity among wheelchair users
who can ski just fine sitting down.

Even the martial arts have opened to wheelers, through an adaptive version of the HapKiDo style of TaeKwonDo developed by paraplegic Jurgen Schmidt.




Wheelchair racing has become a major sport, and every marathon finds wheelers among the ranks, pushing the limits of their skills

Weight training and gym workouts are important among wheelchair users, to tone the upper body . . . and stay trim. The standing/sitting exercise frame below was designed by paraplegic William Gruar of Auckland, NZ.


To explore the range and depth of wheelchair sports, check out the list of contact addresses and internet links from
Sports 'n Spokes magazine.
There are many other weblinks on specific disabled sports and recreation topics, accessible through
ProFusion, SavvySearch and individual search engines.

No matter what moves you. . .
Just get out there!

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