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. . . for those who roll instead of walk:

After years of new ideas in sports-oriented manual chairs like the racing machine at right . . . finally there's a big change coming in other kinds of chairs to make a profound difference in daily mobility:

JOHNSON & JOHNSON proposes an ambitious leap forward in power chair design with the IBOT, shown above. It's a gyro-controlled stair-climbing, standing wheelchair J&J hopes to market in four to six years. Though the prototype is an awkward- looking prodigy, IBOT has the potential for improving life for thousands. Way beyond that, consider an even more revolutionary four-LEGGED chair that can "walk" over the 50 per cent of the earth not accessible to wheels.


Already on the market, but a bit expensive and not yet in widespread use, is the LEVO standing chair from Switzerland. It rolls like a manual rigid-frame everyday chair, then rises to the occasion to lift its user to eye-level for stable stand-up tasks through simple gas-assisted gears. While it won't do stairs or curbs like the battery-powered IBOT machine, the Levo raises the bar on full participation by persons with disabilities by a considerable measure.









Several wheelchair makers recently introduced revolutionary 'easy-riding' models
with new road-cushioning devices built in. The market has yet to determine which of these
has the preferred design. Other variations on the theme are sure to follow . . .

COLOURS by Permobil was first to the market with BOING, a spring- cushioned model that had the field all to itself for awhile.

FROG LEGS came next, with a polymer shock absorber for front casters, available for any wheelchair.

INVACARE incorporated four independently activated polymer shocks on its new Action/ TopEnd model, the TERMINATOR SS -- Frog Legs for the two front casters, and a Quadra-Pivot ThudBuster for each of the rear wheels.

QUICKIE division of Sunrise Medical used a slightly different approach on its recently released XTR model. A centrally mounted 'mono-shock' device cushions both front and back wheels.

KUSCHALL's rugged TERRATREK, shown above, is one of several go-anywhere, do-anything innovations in the off-road category


For sheer beauty, it's hard to match the burnished gun-metal look of this titanium-based VISION BARRACUDA from EVEREST & JENNINGS, one of the oldest names in chair manufacturing.


Mark Wellman's chair takes him wherever he wants to go...and it won't be long before most wheelchair users can go there too.


Many wheelchair dealers now have websites showcasing new products for persons with a need for wheels. Here are links to a few of them . . .

SportAid/MedAid, Loganville, GA
Rehab Designs, Louisville, KY
Mobility Solutions, San Diego, CA
People in Motion, Arroyo Grande, CA
Majors Medical Supply, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Wheelchairs of San Mateo, CA
Active Mobility of Georgia, Marietta, GA
The Spoke Shop, San Diego, CA , of Columbus, Ohio, offers a helpful mix of sales and magazine-style content. There's a good listing of other dealers and manufacturers at The Boulevard. Do you have other online dealers to suggest? Email our webmaster to tell us about their websites Nedstat Counter

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