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'Confined' to a wheelchair?

That doesn't describe these busy folks. They're only confined without a wheelchair! Take another spin on the subject. 

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A salute to the contemporary wheelchair . . . 
and its active users who enjoy full and fulfilling lives. 

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Celebrities Riding successfully through the limelight: Hawking, Cleland,
 Hockenberry and company. Updated December 1, 2000.

Innovation Building a durable, versatile dream machine: damping road
 shocks, climbing steps, standing tall. Updated June 1, 2000.

Community Linking mutual needs with peer advice and friendship, on the
  web, in print, on the radio. Updated November 13, 2000.

Roll Models Men and women doing everyday life and work well, without
 reference to means of mobility. Updated October 15, 2000.

Issues Researching a cure, cutting a curb and building a ramp aren't the only
  actions required. Updated October 15, 2000.

Sports Choosing equipment to match the game, then plunging ahead with
  passion and energy. Updated November 13, 2000.